Tampa’s Ford Amphitheatre Hosts Sting and RPCO in Concert July 3rd

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/30/2010

Sting is one of my favorite singers and his concerts are some of my most memorable.  I remember seeing Sting and Annie Lennox in concert at Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa, FL  a few years ago.  Sting returns to Tampa on July 3rd and what better way to start off your 4th of July celebration than by attending this concert at the Ford Amphitheatre.

Sting Accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra

As with Sting, the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (RPCO) is world-renowned.  It seems like such a natural fit they should be performing together.  RPCO has worked with many renowned artists including Andrea Bocelli, Henry Mancini, and Stevie Wonder.  I am certain their pairing with Sting will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Stay in Tampa or Orlando

Tampa is just a short drive from Orlando.  Make the most out of this July 4th holiday by enjoying a few days in Central Florida.  You can find wonderful hotel accommodations in Tampa  or nearby OrlandoOrlandoTravelHotels.com  can find you the best deals on flights  and hotels in either city.  See Sting and the RPCO in concert in Tampa and take a couple of days to enjoy all of the other things to do  in the surrounding area.  It might just be your most memorable July 4th ever.



Experience a Thrilling Safari in Florida

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/29/2010

Experience the beautiful natural habitat of Florida firsthand by taking a trip to Forever Florida and participate in Florida EcoSafaris.  Florida EcoSafaris will put you up close and personal to many of the incredible wildlife, streams, and wetlands found in the Sunshine State.

Take a Break from the Theme Parks

We all know the theme parks  in Orlando are a huge draw for tourism.  However, there are so many wonderful things to experience in Florida, and you should take a short drive over to St. Cloud and spend the day at Florida EcoSafaris.  Florida EcoSafaris is one of the great day trips  available to you when vacationing in Orlando.

An Unforgettable Journey

Choose from three fully-guided safaris or experience all of them.

  • Zipline Safari – strap up and hang on as you zip along cables at up to 25 mph and up to 55 feet in height.  This two-and-a-half hour tour allows you to soar over wetlands, view native wildlife, and experience the ecology of Florida.  This is a great choice of safaris for the thrill seeker.  You can even take the safari at night on the Starlight and Moonlight Zipline Safaris.  Florida residents receive special discounts through August 15, 2010.
  • Coach Safari – this two-hour safari is a bit tamer and more relaxing.  You will traverse through the 4,700 acre Forever Florida wildlife conservation area.  See nine different ecosystems and many of Florida’s most prized flora and fauna.
  • Horseback Safari – saddle up and move ‘em out and choose from a one, two, or three hour safari on horseback.  Ride through incredible ecosystems and on historic trails dating back to the 1500’s.

When making your travel  plans for a trip to Orlando, be sure to include time for a safari, Florida-style.  You will be exposed to some of the incredible ecosystems native to the state. 

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Experience Nature Up Close at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/28/2010

Stay in the heart of nature and in the midst of Walt Disney World with a stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground .  Our hotel of the week for June 28, 2010 will put you right in the midst of the great outdoors in Orlando, Florida.

Roughing it in Style

Bring your camper or rough it in style at the Fort Wilderness Resort .  You will be nestled in 750 acres of lush wilderness.  Choose a campsite perfect for your group or select a cabin that provides you all the comforts of home.  The amenities list includes everything you need to enjoy a little rest and relaxation in a backdrop of beauty.

Activities for the Entire Family

You will have plenty of options for activities and recreation during your stay.  Of course you will want to explore all the nearby theme parks  including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and more.  But don’t forget to experience everything right around you in Fort Wilderness.  Here are some of our favorite things to do  at Fort Wilderness:

  1. Mickey’s Backyard BBQ – get your two-step moves ready and chow down on some great bbq with Mickey and friends.
  2. Wilderness Back Trail Adventure – hop on your Segway personal transporter and take Disney’s Wilderness Back Trail Adventures.
  3. Tri-Circle-D Ranch – take a guided trail ride on horseback or carriage.

Make you stay in Orlando a bit more memorable and unique by booking your stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness resort.  Visit OrlandoTravelHotels.com  to find the best deals on hotels , flights , and more. 



It’s Official; Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is Worst in US History

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/25/2010

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Worst in history.I remember the oil spill of the Exxon Valdez in 1989.  Its devastation was well chronicled in print and pictures as approximately 257,000 barrels of oil spilled into Alaska’s Prince William Sound.  It remained the largest oil spill in US history until recently, when it was surpassed by the oil spilled from Deepwater Horizon.  BP Oil’s Deepwater Horizon platform exploded on April 20, 2010.  There are ranging estimates of 450,000 to 750,000 barrels of oil spilled to date.

The Game of Blame

While the Exxon Valdez spill was in a remote location, it had profound effects on the environment.  The location of the spill made clean-up efforts difficult, but the ability to stop the oil from spilling was successful.  The devastation of Deepwater Horizon is just now being seen and the biggest problem so far is the spill hasn’t been stopped.  There have been various attempts at capping the spill, but none have been completely successful.   There is plenty of blame to go around and there has been plenty of finger-pointing.  Sadly though, none of this has stopped the spill.  BP has blamed the rig manufacturer, the rig manufacturer has blamed BP, and it seems as if everyone has weighed in on the US government’s response.

Economic and Environmental Disaster

The effected states so far have been Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  We all see the heart-wrenching images of animals in distress and some of the pristine beaches being covered in tar balls and oil.  An oil spill affects all of us, no matter where we live.  The economic factors can include lost livelihoods for seafood providers and lost tourism dollars from beach closures and vacation cancellations.  The environmental factors are disastrous and oftentimes deadly for our wildlife and ecosystem.  The impact of an environmental disaster of this scale is far-reaching.

Reality versus Rumor

This is the height of vacation season.  Many travel to the coastal areas of the effected states each year.  It is important to separate fact from fiction and reality from rumor when it comes to what is actually occurring at your destination location.  Each state has a dedicated hotline and web site to give the latest information about different areas affected by the oil spill.  Here are the web sites for the various states affected by the spill:

Alabama:  http://ema.alabama.gov/

Florida:  http://www.dep.state.fl.us/deepwaterhorizon/

Louisiana:  http://www.emergency.louisiana.gov/

Mississippi:  http://www.msema.org/gulfrecovery/

Visit any of these web sites to find the most up-to-date information concerning the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Where you can, volunteer your time to help with clean up efforts.  This oil spill impacts us all and will for years to come.  Be concerned, stay knowledgeable with the latest information, and do what you can to help.

We at OrlandoTravelHotels.com  are concerned not only for our great state of Florida, but for all states that have been impacted by this natural disaster.  We welcome you to Orlando and all other areas of the Sunshine State and will assist you in finding the greatest savings  on hotels , flights , and other travel needs for your trip here.

Orlando’s Orange Lake Resort Has It All

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/24/2010

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Villa Orange Lake ResortI love those travel  destinations that have a lot to do in one location.  Orlando’s Orange Lake Resort is one such place.  Orange Lake Resort is one of Central Florida’s favorite vacation  destinations.

Viva La Villas

Choose from 1, 2, or 3 bedroom villas.  At Holiday Inn Club Vacations , you will find all the comforts of home without having to do the housekeeping.  Sleep two or split the costs and bring your closest friends and sleep 12.  Another way to save money on your vacation is to book your travel to Orange Lake Resort through OrlandoTravelHotels.com . You can save  an average of $535 when booking your flight and hotel at the same time.

Recreation Galore

Orlando is full of recreation  and activities of all types. A stay at Orange Lake Resort means you don’t have to leave the property to experience some of the best recreational outings in the area. 

Enjoy a round or two of golf  at any of the four championship courses.  Fish, wake board, or jet ski in the 80 acre lake.  Shoot a round of hoops or catch a game of tennis or racquetball.  The kids will enjoy Swampy’s Club Activity Center, The HIPPO, and more as Orange Lake Resort has activities geared just toward the kids.

Take the Vacation You Deserve and Save Money Along the Way

Orange Lake is an all-inclusive resort.  You will find everything needed there to truly get the vacation you deserve.  Book your travel needs through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .  Save on average of $535 when making your flight  and hotel  reservations together.  Look for the yellow save  tag that indicates hotels offering guaranteed rates.

Championship Golf at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/23/2010

golfing in OrlandoOrlando and Central Florida are hotbeds for golfing.  You can play golf  year-round on some of the world’s most acclaimed golf courses.  Several championship golf courses are located in one convenient location, Orange Lake Resorts.  Courses accommodate all levels of players.

Play Golf in a True Florida Landscape

Each course is designed to accentuate and include the lushness of Florida’s landscape.  Select the course that best fits your level of play:

  • The Legends at Orange Lake – this 18 hole Arnold Palmer design is one of Orlando’s most popular courses.  Once you see the layout, you will understand why.  Two distinct layouts on each front and back nine allow you to experience Scottish-style golf and the tree-lined layout of the Carolinas.
  • The Reserve at Orange Lake – 18 hole course with expansive greens nestled in the Florida wetlands.  Play a round of golf and see some beautiful scenery native to Florida.
  • Crane’s Bend - a 9 hole course perfect for the entire family.  See some of Florida’s most treasured wildlife in a picturesque setting.
  • Legends Walk – this 9 hole course is a unique design by Arnold Palmer.  Walk a beautiful course during the day or play it under lights at night.

Enjoy golfing at its finest at any of the courses located at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando.  Book your travel needs through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .  Save on average of $535 when making your flight  and hotel  reservations together.  Look for the yellow save  tag that indicates hotels offering guaranteed rates.

Enjoy An Evening with Cedric The Entertainer at Bob Carr

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/22/2010

And what an entertainer he is!  The first place I saw Cedric perform was in Las Vegas.  I cannot wait to see him at Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre in Orlando on June 25th.  This is one funny cat and you should hurry to make your travel plans to Orlando now  and get your tickets for the show.

One of “The Original Kings of Comedy”

Cedric was one of the stand-up comedians showcased in the Spike Lee-directed “The Original Kings of Comedy.”  He has gone on to appear many other movies, including the wildly popular “Barbershop” series.  But he is at his best when doing his own wildly hilarious stand-up routine.

Bob Carr is the Perfect Place to Perform

I’m glad Cedric The Entertainer is doing his routine at Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre in Orlando.  It is one of my favorite venues in town and there’s not a bad seat in the house. 

Find a hotel  located near Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre.  You will find incredible savings with the 110% Rate Guarantee  on hotels conveniently located nearby through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .  Flying in?  Save even more by booking your flight  and hotel  reservations at the same time.  Get the most bang for your travel buck by using OrlandoTravelHotels.com  for all your travel needs to and from Orlando or anywhere else for that matter.



Relax, It’s Holiday Inn

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/21/2010

Experience Holiday Inn Orange Lake Resort OrlandoYes, Holiday Inn’s old slogan still rings true today.  With many remodeled hotels, Holiday Inn continues to be a popular choice for travelers.  Our hotel of the week for June 21, 2010 is Holiday Inn Club Vacations Resort  at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando.  Located next to uber theme park,  Walt Disney World, these comfortable villas will give you the perfect place to relax during your visit to Orlando.

No Ordinary Holiday Inn

Now, the Holiday Inn at Orange Lake Resort is not your average Holiday Inn.  It truly is a resort situated on over 1,400 acres.  The lush landscaping will make you feel as if you’ve plopped yourself in some tropical location.  There is a 12 acre water park that includes a lazy river and 10 pools.  There is also an 80-acre lake with a variety of water sports available to you.  Like to play golf at night? No problem. There are 4 golf courses and one of them is lighted for night play.  You will have plenty of things to do  at this Orlando resort.  There are water slides, arcades, fitness facilities, tennis courts, and much more.

Stay and Play

There will be no shortage of activities for you in the area during your stay at Holiday Inn Club Vacations resort.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Golf – never leave the place and choose from four championship golf courses; The Legends, The Reserve (my personal favorite), Crane’s Bend, and Legends Walk.
  2. Watersports – catch some rays and some exhilarating water time at the lake.  Ski, wakeboard, kayak, fish, and more.
  3. Nature Walk – this 1.4 mile little hike will expose you to some of the Florida’s most beautiful flora and fauna.

Book your travel needs through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .  Save on average of $535 when making your flight  and hotel  reservations together.  Look for the yellow save  tag that indicates hotels offering guaranteed rates.

Celebrate Father’s Day Orlando Style

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/18/2010

Father's Day Orlando StyleFather’s Day is upon us and Orlando is the ideal place for treating dear old Dad to many wonderful and memorable experiences.  Here are a few ideas to help Dad feel special on Father’s Day:

  1. Resort Hotel Weekend  – grab the family and scoot off to one of Orlando’s resort hotels .  Orlando has many wonderful all-inclusive resorts that will provide a relaxing place for Dad and the entire family.
  2. Golfing Package – many area courses are offering specials for Father’s Day.  Orlando is internationally known for its golfing  facilities.  Give the man in your life a pre-paid day at his favorite golf course.
  3. Spa Treatment – who says Mom is the only one who would enjoy a day at the spa.  Many Orlando spas  provide packages geared specifically for men.
  4. Dining Extravaganza – give Dad a break from the grill by treating him to his favorite dishes at any of Orlando’s fantastic restaurants .  You’ll have no trouble finding steakhouses,   seafood , or any other type of cuisine.
  5. A Day at the Beach – there are so many pristine beaches  located within a short drive of Orlando.  Go east to Daytona Beach or Ormond Beach.  Head west to relax on the shores of Clearwater or St. Pete.  Let Dad soak up some rays and maybe even do a little body surfing.

Treat your Father to something special this Father’s Day.  Orlando and Central Florida are the perfect travel destinations  for celebrating the guy in your life.  Find travel savings and special package deals  through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .  Dad will certainly appreciate the 110% Rate Guarantee  when you book travel through OrlantoTravelHotels.com.

Experience the World of Harry Potter

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/17/2010

Traveling to Orlando in the near future?  Make sure to experience the world of Harry Potter by visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando .  It opens June 18, 2010 and promises to be one of the most exciting attractions to hit Orlando in a long time.

Hogsmeade™, Hogwarts™, and Hippogriff™

Meander the streets of Hogsmeade, tour the castle of Hogwarts, and take a ride on a Hippogriff.  You will have the opportunity to experience your favorite things you’ve come to love in the magical world of Harry Potter.  Exciting rides, delicious dining, and souvenirs to remind you of your time at The Wizarding World all await you.  Get your tickets now to be one of the early visitors to this new attraction at Islands of Adventure .

Excitement is Building

Personally, I can’t wait to get to this fantastic new attraction.  I’d love to hear what you love best about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter once you go to see it firsthand.  Leave me a comment and tell me about your trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Discover incredible savings by booking your travel to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .  You can save up to $535 when booking your flight  and hotel  needs at the same time.  Get your wizarding gear packed and hit Universal Orlando for a trip to the magical world of all things Harry Potter.



Vote for the Orlando Travel & Hotels Blog for Best Local Blog

Posted by: Erin, Travel Representative Posted Date: 06/16/2010

Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando PollDear Fans & Loyal Readers of the Orlando Travel & Hotels Blog,

We strive to bring you the latest information on things to do in Orlando  and would love to have your vote for Best Local Blog on Orlando Weekly’s Best of Orlando Poll.

We hope you find us a valuable resource whether you’re an out-of-towner planning a trip to the Sunshine state or an Orlando local looking for new and fun ways to re-discover your home town.

Click here  to vote. Voting ends at midnight tonight, 6/16/2010.

The Long-Awaited Opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Very Near

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/15/2010

I ended up becoming a Harry Potter fan on a bet.  A few years ago, my nieces were (and still are) huge Harry Potter fans whereas I was not.  My youngest niece made a bet with me and her choice of what I had to do if I lost was to read the latest released book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Fortunately for me, I lost and I always hold true to my bets.  I read this book and quickly devoured the earlier books in the series and every book written since that time.  I am now as rabid a fan as my nieces and cannot wait until June 18, 2010 when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens at Universal’s Islands of Adventure  in Orlando, FL.

Amazing Design, Rides, and Technology

It’s not too late to be one of the first visitors to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  You can get unbelievable savings on last minute flights and hotel accommodations to Orlando through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .  Be one of the first to see the amazing set design and incredible experiences and rides of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  The theme park is designed to be an extension of the movies and I’m sure we’ll be blown away by all of the magic and wizardry contained within the park. 

Make Your Travel Plans Now

Get busy with making your travel plans now to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Find savings at OrlandoTravelHotels.com  on flights , hotel rooms , rental cars  and more.  Orlando is chocked full with amazing attractions and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be one of those at the top of your “things to do ” list while visiting here in Orlando.



An Orlando Hotel with Much More than a Bed – Universal’s Extended Stay Deluxe

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/14/2010

Universal Extended Stay HotelAn Orlando Hotel with Much More than a Bed – Universal’s Extended Stay Deluxe

Enjoy some of the comforts of home while you’re in Orlando by making your reservations  at Extended Stay Deluxe  at Universal Studios in Orlando, our featured hotel of the week for June 14, 2010.  When you are staying a bit longer in the area than normal, Extended Stay Deluxe is the hotel for you.

Save Money by Making Your Own Meals in the Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Eating out whether you are at home or away is expensive.  Extended Stay Deluxe in Orlando is equipped with a kitchen, dining, and cooking utensils in each room.  This means you can grocery shop and prepare meals in your room without having to eat out all the time. 

If you do eat out at any of the wonderful Orlando area restaurants , bring those leftovers back to the hotel.  You’ll have a refrigerator for storing and a microwave for zapping.  Save additional dollars by booking your flight and hotel at Extended Stay Deluxe through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .

Home Away from Home

You will have access to a 24-hour coin operated laundry, swimming pool, fitness facility, and more.  You can even bring the dog for a small additional fee!  A spacious work area is provided along with wireless internet and personalized voicemail.

Universal Orlando and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

You will be less than a mile from Universal Orlando.  Also take advantage of other nearby theme parks , shopping , restaurants , and nightlife .  One of the things happening this week that has been wildly anticipated by thousands, including me, is the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on June 18th.   It will be located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, one of their two theme parks.

Firm up your travel plans now to get great rates on your stay at Extended Stay Deluxe, flights, rental cars , etc.  You’ll find savings on all this and more at OrlandoTravelHotels.com .

Ten Safety Tips for Dealing with the Oil Spill on Your Trip to the Beach

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/11/2010

oil spillTen Safety Tips for Dealing with the Oil Spill on Your Trip to the Beach

We are all troubled by the impact the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill is having on our environment. Naturally, many vacation plans to beaches are all set to go since beaches  are top destinations for many people during the summer months.

If you continue with your plans for the beach, it is important to know what to look for and how to handle various situations if you’re visiting beaches affected by the spill.

Safety Tips for Beachgoers

Check with the local authorities for the area in which you will be traveling.  Many beaches are closed, and it is anticipated more will be closing to public use.  The oil spill has spanned over coastal waters from Louisiana to Florida.  If your family plans an outing to the beach in the affected areas, you should take the necessary safety measures to protect yourself and your family.

  1. Obey any signs or directives posted at your location.  If it says “beach closed,” oil has been found in the area.  Do not go into the water.
  2. Should oil make contact with your skin, immediately wash it off with soap and water.
  3. Don’t pick up tar balls, tar pits, or any other oil-bearing particle.
  4. Pregnant women, young children, or those with compromised immune systems should stay away from any affected areas.
  5. Do not boat, fish, or swim in affected waters.
  6. Odors from the oil spill can make you nauseated.  If this occurs, remain indoors and in an air conditioned area.
  7. Keep pets away from water that has been affected.
  8. Do not eat seafood gathered from oil infested waters.
  9. Alert authorities to any animals in distress from being covered in oil.  Do not attempt to rescue them yourself.
  10. Take the appropriate contact numbers with you in case you need to alert authorities.  Click here for a list of state by state Emergency Response numbers  from BP.

Vacation at an Inland Hotel Instead

Everyone wants to vacation in sunny Florida.  If you feel uncomfortable going through with your plans for the beach, consider changing your reservations to stay at an inland hotel .  Orlando and Central Florida have numerous hotels from which to choose, and you can easily access area beaches  that haven’t been affected by the oil spill.  You can relax by the pool and choose from a myriad of things to do  in the area. 

Make your travel plans through OrlandoTravelHotels.com  and save an average of $535 when booking your flight  and hotel  accommodations at the same time.  You can still have a whale of a time on your vacation with all the attractions , theme parks , and recreation  available in the Orlando area.

Top 5 Things to Do at Islands of Adventure in Orlando

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/10/2010

Of course there are more than 5 things to do at Islands of Adventure but I thought I’d share with you my top 5.

  1. Doctor Doom’s Fearfall – I love a free fall!  Put me on a Ferris wheel, and I will hurl for sure. But Doctor Doom offers a soaring ride upwards and a free fall that gives me such a rush.  It’s pretty scary so I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint at heart.
  2. Jurassic Park River Adventure – I love to get wet!  Ride the river in a raft and see all sorts of dinosaurs and take a mighty big plunge to escape the jaws of T-Rex.
  3. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – I love the 3-D! The 3-D effects of this ride truly are amazing.  Many believe this ride set the standard for theme park rides.
  4. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – I love fast! This rollercoaster hits it up to 65 mph.  My two favorite parts of the ride are the loop and the fact that I get to choose my own soundtrack to listen to during the ride.
  5. The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad – I love fireworks!  This live action show is full of explosive fireworks and death – defying stunts.

Even if you don’t like rides, there are so many shows and other fun activities to see.  I can’t wait for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to open on June 18th.  It will be just one more fantastic event at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

What’s your favorite thing about Islands of Adventure? Leave me a comment!

Enjoy an average savings of $535 when you book your flight and hotel at the same time through OrlandoTravelHotels.com.  You’ll find great deals on all your travel needs at OrlandoTravelHotels.com.



Calling All Angels and Everyone Else to Universal Studios for Train in Concert

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/09/2010

Hear some great music on your upcoming trip to Orlando by attending the Train  concert on June 12, 2010.  Train will be performing at Universal Studios  as part of their Summer Concert Series.

Hey, Soul Sister and Drops of Jupiter

San Francisco-based Train has been pumping out great music for the last 15 years.  Make your travel plans to Orlando for this sure-to-be memorable concert.  Hear older tunes like “Drops of Jupiter” and “Calling All Angels” plus current chart-topping hits “Hey, Soul Sister” and “If It’s Love”.  Admission to the concert is included with your Universal Studios ticket or Annual Pass. 

Make your hotel reservation  to stay at a convenient location to Universal Studios.  There are many area hotels  close to all things Universal.   You can find great savings on all your travel needs through OrlandoTravelHotels.com



Enjoy One of the Best Italian Meals Ever at Mama Della’s Ristorante

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/08/2010

Traveling to Orlando means finding some great restaurants  and dining experiences. If you are looking for delicious, authentic Italian food, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Mama Della’s Ristorante  at Universal’s Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando .  You can get delicious Old World favorites in an impressive atmosphere.

Food, Fun, and Music

Musicians move about from room to room entertaining diners with songs of Italy.  You will find scrumptious foods ranging from insalata caprese to lasagna.  Select your favorite dishes from Naples or Tuscany.  They will be so delicious, you might just have to slap the person sitting next to you. Make sure to pick out your favorite bottle of wine from Mama Della’s extensive wine list.

A Delightful Atmosphere Where Everyone is Family

Mama Della’s treats you not only to good food, but a delightful dining atmosphere.  You will find the setting fun and enjoyable for everyone in the family.  Don’t be surprised if Mama herself greets you at the door or drops by your table to check in on you.  She is one of the most delightful people I’ve ever met. 

Find huge savings on airfare  and hotel  accommodations in Orlando buy booking your trip through OrlandoTravelHotels.com .  The savings you reap will only mean more bottles of wine at Mama Della’s Ristorante!

A Little Italy at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios in Orlando

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/07/2010

Portofino BayA friend of mine is currently spending two weeks traveling through Italy.  After being kept up-to-date via Facebook of all of his stops throughout the country, I decided our hotel of the week  beginning June 7, 2010 should be inspired by a little bit of Italy.  Hence, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel  at Universal Studios in Orlando is the true frontrunner.  You can find great deals going on right now for flights  into Orlando and hotel  rooms at Portofino Bay.

Inspired by Portofino on the Mediterranean Sea

Portofino, Italy is a picturesque seaside fishing town which has long been the getaway location for the rich and famous.  Loews Hotels used this Italian village as its inspiration for Loews Portofino Bay  Hotel at Universal Orlando.  Here you will find world-class service and accommodations.  Stay in rooms with authentic Italian furnishings and marble stones and accent pieces.  Choose from three themed swimming pools or get a little pampering at the world-class, full-service Mandara Spa and fitness center.  Dump, I mean drop, the kids off at the children’s activity center, Campo Portofino.

La Dolce Vita – The Sweet Life

Truly experience la dolce vita with a relaxing stay at Portofino Bay Hotel.  You will not only be in a luxurious hotel surrounding, you will be in the heart of all that Universal Orlando  has to offer.  A stay at Portofino Bay entitles you to added benefits like bypassing the regular lines at most rides and attractions, complimentary on-site transportation via water taxis or shuttle bus, and priority seating at select Universal Orlando theme park restaurants.

Stay, Play, and Sing Along

You will find lots of things to do  during your stay at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel.  Here are a few things to check out the week of June 7 – 13, 2010:

  • Mama Della’s Ristorante – if you are going to be staying in surroundings reminiscent of Italy, you should surely eat as the Italians do.  Make sure to catch a meal at Mama Della’s Ristorante  which is located within the hotel.
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure – hop the water taxi at the hotel and take a sail to Islands of Adventure, one of the exciting theme parks  in Orlando.  It will be an unforgettable journey for everyone in the family.
  • Train Concert – Train will be performing June 12th at Universal Studios.  Admission to the concert is included with a Universal Studios ticket.  The Train concert is part of the Summer Concert Series.

Take advantage of saving $535 on average by booking your flight and hotel at the same time through OrlandoTravelHotels.com . Park yourself at Universal’s Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando and take a break from having to get in the car and fight traffic.  Everything you need will be right at your fingertips. 

Yee Haw it to Orlando for the 125th Silver Spurs Rodeo

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/03/2010

Book that flight  and hotel  reservations to Orlando today to get to the Silver Spurs Rodeo June 5-6, 2010.  There will be lots of yee hawing and stellar racing, riding, and roping by some of the country’s best cowboys and cowgirls.

See Spectacular Rodeo Events

This is the 125th year for Silver Spurs Rodeo.  It is ranked among the top 50 events sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.  The event is held inside the Osceola Heritage Park just outside of Orlando.  You can see a lot of action for only $15 a person.  There will be competitions for bareback bronco, barrel racing, bull riding, steer wrestling, team roping and much more.  You will be amazed at the skill and athleticism of the participants.

Find Nearby Accommodations at Clarion Resort Waterpark

There are plenty of hotel accommodations nearby including OrlandoTravelHotels.com’s  featured hotel of the week  for May 31st, Clarion Resort Waterpark . Find the perfect accommodations for you and your family and have a fabulous time at the Silver Spurs Rodeo event.


Saddle Up in Orlando and Head to Horse World Riding Stables

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/03/2010

You might be surprised to learn that the town of Ocala, just a short drive north of Orlando, is known at the horse capital of the world.  Horseback riding probably isn’t the first thing that springs to your mind when you think about Orlando.  I was the same way until I took my first Florida horseback ride at Horse World Riding Stables .  You can horseback ride in breathtaking scenery and get away from all the stresses of everyday life.  Horse World is located just south of Orlando, FL in the Walt Disney World Resort  area.

Horseback Rides for All Levels of Riders

Horse World Riding Stables offers three levels of guided trail rides.  I grew up around horses and have always enjoyed riding.  I never considered that upon moving to Florida, I could find such a wonderful, convenient place to continue my love of horseback riding.  Horse World not only provides a great setting for riding, they also provide a safe haven for abused and neglected horses.  They rescue horses and give them a safe home for rehabilitation. Anyone that helps animals is okay in my book.

Dust Off Those Chaps for Your Trip to Orlando

Your visit to Orlando can now include horseback riding along with visiting the beaches , theme parks , or any of the other great things to do  you can find in and around Orlando.  So dust off those chaps and get to OrlandoTravelHotels.com  to make your travel reservations today.



Make a Splash at Mindy O Water Park

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/02/2010

Summer isn’t even officially here yet, but it sure is hot out.  Traveling to Orlando ?  Make a splash and cool off at Mindy O Water Park in Kissimmee.  The Orlando area is full of things to do  including several water parks .  Mindy O is located at the Clarion Resort Waterpark which just happens to be our hotel of the week  for May 31, 2010.

Tan, Twist, and Turn

My favorite slide at Mindy O is the Purple Scream.  You are basically twisting, zipping and dropping in the dark until you plunge out.  There is over 50,000 square feet of water wonder including various slides for all ages, a lazy river float, spa, lagoon, and two outdoor pools.  Work on your tan or your twist and turns by making a day of it a Mindy O Waterpark.  Rent a cabana for the day to relax from all the water action.

Let an Octopus Show You a High Old Time

Now Mindy O is an octopus but a friendly one.  She and all of her friends will ensure you have a fun-filled day at the park.  Don’t forget to pack those swim trunks when packing up for your trip to Orlando.  You won’t want to miss Mindy O Waterpark.

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An Orlando Area Hotel and Waterpark Combination – Ingenious

Posted by: Amy, Travel Guide Posted Date: 06/01/2010

How great is it to have a water park located on the grounds of a comfy hotel?  The Clarion knew they had a unique concept when they constructed Clarion Resort Waterpark , our featured hotel of the week for May 31, 2010.  The hotel and water park are located in Kissimmee, just outside Orlando.

Bring the Kids, Grandma, and Even the Pets to Clarion Resort Waterpark

Onsite of the hotel is Mindy O Waterpark, 50,000 square feet of water heaven.  There are a host of other activities for the entire family at Clarion Resort Waterpark.  Kids will enjoy the recreation  and game room and the craft and activity center. 

The adults on board can relax at the poolside tiki bar or get in your needed reps at the fitness center.  Check on the availability of rooms with in-room hot tubs.  The hotel is pet-friendly, so bring your furry family members for an additional fee. 

Even the Business Traveler is accommodated

The business  traveler can find everything needed at the Clarion Resort Waterpark.  There is free internet access in rooms and throughout the property.  The rooms have a spacious work area, an ergonomic desk chair, data jack, and speaker phone with voice mail. The business center can handle all your printing and faxing needs.

Sleep, Slide, and Put on Those Spurs

You can get to most of the theme parks  in about 20 minutes from the Clarion Resort Waterpark.  Here are some other things to check out nearby the week of May 31st:

  1. Mindy O Waterpark – you can’t get more convenient than walking out of your hotel room into a fantastic and refreshing water park.
  2. Horseback Riding – explore hundreds of acres of nature on horseback at Horse World Riding Stables .
  3. Silver Spurs Rodeo  – one of the premier rodeos east of the Mississippi River.  Strap on those spurs and watch all the action June 5-6, 2010 at Osceola Heritage Park.

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