Orlando Golf CourseAs the home of two large convention centers, Orlando is often the choice for business meeting, exhibitions and conventions for many fields. After all, if you must travel for work, why not travel to a location that is home to fantastic golf, theme parks to please the whole family, and year round warm weather.

This guide will prepare you for your upcoming business travel to Orlando. From getting around to the major convention centers and even on recreation afterwards, you will be covered!

Major Orlando Convention Centers

In all likelihood, any business travel will be in some way related to the two large event areas found in Orlando. The Orange County Convention Center is the largest, and has over 2 million square feet of space for exhibitions. There is space for meeting rooms, large lectures, exhibitions and more. The slightly smaller but equally impressive Universal Orlando Meetings and Events Center has space for over 20,00 attendees, and is often chosen as a way for business travelers to have a chance to mix work with the recreation aspect of Universal Studios.

Getting Around Orlando

Business travelers often need to travel around Orlando to visit a few locations during their stay, so it is recommended that you rent a car or bring your own in this case. If you only plan on shuttling between your hotel and the convention center, a taxi will be sufficient, but on longer or more frequent journeys the costs can quickly add up.

Recreation Time In Orlando

Business travel to Orlando doesn't have to be all work! In your off time, there are plenty of great activities to keep you occupied. Dozens of golf courses make Orlando the Floridian capital of the sport, or the entire family might enjoy a trip to the many theme parks in the area.

Thanks to pleasant surroundings, fantastic dining and shopping and unbeatable attractions, business travel to Orlando can be a great mix of work and play.

Making Travel Arrangements To Orlando

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