Concert CrownThe best part about seeing concerts in Orlando is that you have three quality venues to choose from. The three venues listed below are the only three you should consider when looking for concerts in Orlando. Your decision should be easy since these three venues are very different from one another.

Amway Center is a Great Place for a Concert

The Amway Center is best known as being the home location for the NBA Orlando Magic. This venue was definitely designed more for basketball than for concerts, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for concerts. It depends where you’re sitting.

The Amway Center has three levels. If you’re sitting on the first or second level, then you should have a great experience. It’s only the third level that presents a problem in regards to sightlines and acoustics.The good news is that the seats are comfortable regardless of where you’re sitting.

There are also many different concession choices that fit different budges. There are several bars to choose from and convenient locations of restrooms.

When it comes to the biggest concerts in Orlando, this is where you will find them. The Amway Center locks up the most popular names. You can see anyone from Lil Wayne to New Kids on the Block to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Firestone Live for Concerts in Downtown Orlando

This location is known for hosting the highest energy concerts in Orlando. This is the case whether you’re seeing a rock band or rap artist. The high energy has a lot to do with the loud decibel music and active lighting system.

There are two floors here, so if you’re coming on a night where there is no concert and it’s just a nightclub, you can enjoy two different types of music. Regardless of whether you’re visiting for a concert or the nightclub, the drinks are always strong, which many patrons appreciate. The only negative here is that the lines are often long outside. That said, this can be looked at as a positive because of the venue’s popularity.

Go to The Plaza LIVE in Orlando for Great Music

If you want a more intimate and friendly vibe, then this is the place for you. The Plaza LIVE has become stronger and stronger over the past few years. Their sound system and acoustics has a lot to do with this. This location was even rated as one of the Top 100 Venues in the world in 2010.

This strong reputation has led to some of the best concerts in Orlando over the past few years. For example, Bryan Adams, John Oates and Styx have performed here. The Plaza LIVE will often have rock bands, blues bands, local bands and more. The parking here is free and the atmosphere is as good as it gets.

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