Orlando MapFamilies looking for a destination that offers fun for everyone shouldn’t need to look anywhere other than Orlando. This Florida city is theme park central, and it’s also a great place to relax and visit some unusual attractions that can’t be found elsewhere. With so much to do, most families will want to return to Orlando again and again.

Walt Disney World

This is the theme park that started it all for Orlando. In addition to four theme parks, this massive complex also boasts two water parks, golf courses and some spectacular resorts. To get the full effect of the family fun to be had at Disney World, guests should plan to spend the better part of a week here. Adventure seekers will enjoy roller coasters while the little ones will find plenty to delight them with fairy tales, princesses and cartoon characters.

Universal Studios Orlando

With two great theme parks, there is no better destination for movie lovers in Orlando. Memorable family fun is found at Islands of Adventure where visitors get caught up in the adventures of favorite characters like Spider Man and epic films like Jurassic Park. At the Universal Studios Florida park, guests are transported into the glamorous world of movies and catch behind the scenes glimpses of cinema magic that they won’t find elsewhere.


Florida visitors who don’t mind walking on the wild side will love this unusual theme park that doubles as a wildlife preserve. The family fun never stops at this destination which has been delighting visitors since 1949. A train ride, educational programs and a children’s water park all make this park a great stop regardless of age. Visitors learn about conservation efforts that assist the wild alligator and can observe amazing demonstrations with the park’s residents.

Orlando Science Center

Kids have lots of energy and plenty of curiosity, making the Orlando Science Center the perfect place for them to get better acquainted with the world around them. A series of spectacular, hands on exhibits guarantee interactive family fun. Families visiting at the appropriate time of year may also be treated to a little sky watching from the Observatory. At the Science Center, learning is disguised as fun.

Fantasy of Flight

Many kids and adults dream of soaring into the wild blue yonder. At this museum, they get a chance to explore some of the rarest and most unusual flying craft the world has ever seen. Approximately 40 airplanes and other flying craft are on display, but the flight simulators are a huge attraction as well. Most visitors love having the chance to pretend they are in the cockpit as they guide their aircraft safely through the friendly skies. Daily aerial demonstrations are also a highlight.

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens

A lush, tropical setting provides the ideal backdrop for encounters with live animals. The zoo is home to approximately 400 exotic creatures. One of the biggest opportunities for family fun at this attraction is in the Children’s Zoo where patrons may feed and pet the animals. Demonstrations highlighting the care and feeding of the zoo’s residents are always a huge hit with the whole family.

Orlando Has Attractions Galore

Orlando provides so many ideal attractions that are suitable for the whole family that most families need to visit the area repeatedly. Whether a family loves the thrill rides at theme parks or wants to encounter wild animals, Orlando offers something for everyone. From mild to wild attractions, Orlando has firmly fixed itself as the center of family fun.

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