Daytona BeachOrlando has a lot going for it. The city is home to great sport teams, fabulous theme parks, several Universities and altogether it is a great vacation destination. However, there is one aspect of Orlando that will never change—there is no beach.

When it comes to vacationing in Florida, most people look forward to the beach. Florida beaches have a worldwide reputation as being some of the best around, and this is true of the beaches near Orlando. While there are no beaches in the city limits, a short drive east or west can leave you on a sandy shore with the smell of salt water in the air.

Finding the Beaches Near Orlando

Drive east from Orlando and eventually you’ll come face to face with the Atlantic Ocean. Drive west and you’ll reach the gulf coast. Both of these beaches have something unique to offer. Consider the different attractions and communities in the area and then take a drive and check it out. If you have a couple of days in Orlando that you can dedicate to the beaches, consider visiting both!

Here are some of the best beaches around Orlando:

  • Cocoa Beach: Cocoa Beach has a wonderful reputation thanks to its surf culture. The sands are beautiful, the water is clear and the surf is often great. If you want to learn to surf or just look the part, head to Cocoa Beach. The culture of this area will truly make you feel comfortable and ready to stay. Cocoa Beach proudly advertises itself as Orlando’s closest beach.

  • Daytona Beach: This beach is located northeast of Orlando, about 1.5 hours out of town. This is another famous beach destination, and is particularly famous as a Spring Break destination for college students. One aspect of Daytona Beach that many people like is that driving is permitted on the sand. Those who cannot get out of their vehicles and walk long distances but want to experience the beach may prefer Daytona.

  • St. Pete Beach: Located just outside of Tampa, St. Pete is right on the gulf coast. The sand is soft, the beaches are white and they are surrounded by restaurants and other attractions that give you a chance to enjoy the beach while having an easy escape out of the sun when it gets too hot.

  • Melbourne: The beaches around Palm Bay and Melbourne are often quieter than other beaches through Florida, but offer the same sands and clear waters of any other South Florida beach. These beaches are located just a short drive outside of Orlando on the East Coast, and are just less than one hour south of Cocoa Beach.

Make sure to check out the beaches near Orlando on your next trip. You'll find many that are just a short driving distance away.